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Just tell me why you looked up the IP Address Location today. Was it to understand your website visitors? Investigate fraud? Or something else?

I will add appropriate features and may be able to reply yo your comments. Thank you.


  1. Brian

    I run a small eCom business and manually research each buyer’s whereabouts and authenticity of the purchase.

  2. Alexandria Bernard

    My ex has been hacking every account I own. I’ve closed every bank account to email addresses. Somehow they still break right on through any 2 step verification etc. And yes I’ve changed everything but within 3 hours hacked. I made this email today!!

    • Comment by post author


      I suspect that a computer you use at home or work has a keylogger installed. Keyloggers are very commonly available monitoring software that can record all that you type.
      It may be possible to infect your smartphone with similar “bad” apps. However, do check the desktop computers first. Do not use the computer for emails, for a day or two, and use a mobile device instead. Let me know should you require further help (I don’t charge for any of this).

      • BR

        How can you tell

      • Amanda Truax

        I need similar assistance!

      • Sketch indeed something interesting to explore further whois 16charactors

      • Mario

        I need your help. Been hacked repeatedly to where I moved to a different state now I want to find out what is going on and who is doing it so I’m not sounding paranoid or crazy and as well as sue the motel I think it is for packet sniffing…johnsmister19@icloud.com

    • lynda

      this is the same tgng that is happening to me!

      • lynda

        i am not using a com
        puter, just my cell phone.

      • Comment by post author


        Regarding you using just the cell phone – when was the last time you changed password? Was it done on a computer? It’s possible that your phone has a rouge app stealing information. Try removing unnecessary apps.

    • Michelle

      I’m having the same exact issue right now n I can’t get them off my phone they literally are making my life hell

    • Annoyed

      Me too! It’s so annoying and none will acknowledge the issues!

    • Hey there, I know very little about all of this stuff but I keep seeing the name Brian, which is the name of my boyfriend, who I believe is stalking me with the computers and everything else. All I did was use an app called fing and got the up address of his printer which as something called a aMAC VENDEr-Hon Hai Precision a net bios name of BRWC48E8F20E33B and snmp description of Brother NC-330w, Firmware Ver.0.01 ,MID 8CA-T17-001. I did some thing called a trace route on the target host and it said that it had 40 hops whatever that means but it was unreachable. I have no idea what any of this means. I just know that something is seriously wrong and I’m going to start reaching out and trying to help find somebody to help me Because our home Internet is in his name as well as my cell phone and I’m completely dependent on him and starting to get really scared. That’s just a printer. I’ve also got iPhones. My newest one of 14 promax went missing. I’m currently using a 13 universal got an SE. I’m almost certain that as he was jailbroken or hacked in someway because it didn’t work I was unable to get into it because I forgot the pass code or so it said I did and then the next morning, it was like a brand new phone I was able to choose a country and all of that and treat it like a brand new phone. I am completely isolated on an acreage. I have no neighbors close no storage that I could go and use the phone and no one to help me with what’s happening if there’s anything that you know about this situation at appreciate anything at all thank you so much.

  3. Alexandria Bernard

    Thank you so much!!! I’ll look when I get home!!

  4. steven bowling

    gaming spammers/hackers. bots are being used to fill up existing game servers and redirect to an offshore server at

  5. M. Jackson

    Cyber attacks, unauthorized access through my router. VPN address not authorize to access my computers, notebooks, or routers. Vpn redirects the browser to malware, installing an unauthorized VRat.

    • Comment by post author


      Thanks for the information. Though I did not get a complete picture, you should consider resetting the hardware and/or upgrading the firmware. Feel free to contact for more discussion.

  6. Jaytee

    Firewall blocked attack.
    Time: 07:04:17 PM
    Severity: Medium
    Type: Misc Attack
    Category: CIArmy
    Interface: eth0
    Source: : 50531
    Destination: : 443

  7. Les

    Trying to track down an unsuccessful attempt to log onto my wife’s Google account. Apparently they generated suspicion because Google rejected them, even though they had the correct password. IP Locator is not finding a location, so it is apparently an unallocated IP.

  8. Byro

    I ran a proxy check and found 2 so far on my home network. I believe my brother is trying to get into my computer. He set my computer up to look like i was the administrator but i wasn’t totally i guess. I know he used teamviewer 12 in my last home to get at me. This proxy IP says it belongs to amazon the one i found yesterday was imperva.com

  9. pauly doodle

    keep track of ips trying to connect to my pc through odd portsafter a certain number of times i block them

  10. M

    m247.com – Serious Hacking attempts Issues

  11. M

    m247.com – Serious Hacking attempts Issues
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): AS9009 M247 Ltd
    Country: United Kingdom
    Region: England
    Place: Manchester
    Postal code: M1
    Est. location data: 53.4809,-2.2374
    Timezone: Europe/London

  12. BR

    Trying to find out who’s on my computer

  13. christopher

    Trying to figure out why my phone keeps switching IP addresses

    • K McKell

      That’s pretty common for your ISP to assign a different IP whenever you disconnect and reconnect. That’s what’s called Dynamic IP. Am I missing something?

  14. M

    Someone put tracking spare on my phone and recording every move I make, in real life and online- well anything I do on my phone or tablet (I lead a fairly calm, quiet life so it’s really ridiculous). I’m pretty sure I know who is doing it but I need some proof.

    • M

      I wanted to add that the person I’m pretty certain is responsible for the spyware & all does have their own domain, etc. However, I’ve not been allowed to know what it is (he let having it slip out @ 6 months ago) but if it is him, I know I’ll recognize the name as his in a heartbeat. Thanks h for your time

  15. Gale Howard

    I received an e-mail today supposedly from decolletiondptmt@gmail.com but when locating the originating address I found that it was most certainly fraudulent. We have never had a debt collection in our 43 years together which is why I knew that it was not true & hopefully this will help to avoid others in being scammed by something that looks as if it is an actually debt collector

  16. Louis Correa

    My computer was hacked and the router settings and computer settings were modified to route my traffic through a server in Australia. (according to your information) which coincided with two different IP’s they used. It lets me know what happened but I don not know how to proceed any further and I feel it is not worth the time. They actually damaged the computer with the changes made.

  17. Douglas Helms

    My FB account keeps getting locked out, last couple days – says someone from…2500 miles away, turns out…has been trying to sign in as me. (also, 2 days ago someone tried to use the numbers on my debit card to make a major purchase – fortunately, the bank refused them.)
    Thanks to this site, anyway, for giving me the real location of the IP had by the bad guys. (Now when FB asks me “Was this you” know enough to say “no!”

    Ps, I’m using a laptop.

  18. Jason Amors

    I used your services to easy my mind. My home router had several of these in its logs:

    [DoS attack: ACK Scan] from source: 52.46.x.x:443 Wednesday, September 23,2020 16:05:11

    I know that “443” means it was “encrypted security,” but I still wanted to know from where. Turns out it was the Alexa device that is constantly connected to Amazon’s servers and actively listening. That info set me at ease (to some degree). I really appreciate this web site.

  19. Torbert

    An unknown device is showing up on out network and trying to figure out what it is.

  20. Aqsa

    Just to make sure that ip belong the company that I recognize. If not I’ll block that IP permanently !
    Thank you for your service 🙂

  21. Keeping nosy, unwanted IPs away from my (much liked) electronic equipment🤘

  22. K . Metro

    My email has been signed into several times by someone far away. Wanted to see exactly wherefrom.

  23. Quinn

    Microsoft365 for enterprise is a disaster. This is an educational institution engaging in fraudulent diversion of public funds. The IT department provides super administrator privileges to bad actors, one of whom is a convicted felon — with access to K-12 students!! Not surprisingly after I blew whistle on the fraud one or more of these individuals, using mobile device management software, coupled with LinkedIn (a microsoft data sharing partner, microsoft azure and sharepointe, to load spearware on my home computer and phone, and have accessed my passwords and emptied my personal drives of evidence. I am now gone several months, and STILL, I find unknown IP addresses accessed my personal microsoft account twice, my adobe cloud, and LinkedIn AGAIN. I am tracking down as many as I can, attempting to triangulate from locations the identities. Would be nice if Microsoft would actually honor their promise to provide security. Their microsoft365 for enterprises is recklessly insecure, and no guard rails nor even a number to call to complain!!

  24. Sly Spinglefinger

    trouble shooting where my communication is breaking down and looking for bottlenecks to the servers.

  25. The address never changes on every search. When I know that the person isn’t still at that location.Why is that?

  26. Rego

    Minhas contas de email foram hackeadas, encontrei aparelhos que desconhecia cadastrado nelas. Cancelei e criei novas. Assumi a verificação em 2 etapas. Solicitei consultor tecnico, trocamos roteador, reprogramamos e bloqueamos o que aparentava ser tudo. Continuei tendo a sensação de ser espionado, uma vez que chegava a desconectar o VPN. Hoje efetuei um teste aleatorio. Solicitei meu IP e apareceu proximo da minha região. Em seguida solicitei teste de porta do roteador, e apareceu um IP que nao é da minha empresa de internet, Provedor: CLOUDFLARENET (AS13335) IP Sem sucesso telefonei na empresa para tentar descobrir o que ocorre, uma vez que é uma empresa seria de segurança. Consultando internet a respeito da empresa encontrei apenas processo referenciado a distribuição de TV por internet nao pago. Gostaria de auxilio a respeito do fato. Conhecem tal empresa ? Documentei este IP com fotos em meu notebook. Aguardo orientação se possivel. Grato.

  27. wilson camargo

    meu computador me informa que estou conectado mais quando abro um site o mesmo informa que nao tenho acssso a internet ,qual è o motivi ,desta informaçao .

  28. noname

    wordpress password hack bot

  29. Location not listed?????

  30. Santiago V.

    Someone is trying to brute-force guess the password for a WordPress site that I initially set up and I still receive alerts (it is the website of a relative).

  31. baker-murphy

    I have been hacked again

  32. Kevin

    My (Linux) firewall has blocked TCP packets reportedly originating from (amongst a few others) on port 443. I wanted to know the owner – the IPs in the firewall log all appear to belong to Google (in different cities around the world) and port 443 is the standard HTTPS port – so I don’t understand why my firewall is blocking this access, unless it is not a response to an HTTPS request sent from me. (I am not using a VPN or a proxy, btw.)

  33. someone has sto;en my personal info and i have caught this ip several instances so i narrowed it down to this ip

  34. Don

    Just checking the intentions of the persons keeping tabs. Don’t care that im being watched. Just making sure I understand

  35. carter

    My children and I are victims of cyber stalking, cyber abuse and have been for 2years. She domained my name bout year ago to have server control.

  36. I am a hobbiest trying to determine who is hitting my remote equipment control server. I have an occasional IP address that may not be authorized to use the equipment.

  37. I am just a regular internet user. I have recently have been a victim of id theft. I feel that someone has harassed me for too long now. I am reaching out for help, doing my own investigating as well. I am really embarrassed to say but i trusted the wrong person who I believe put me and my partner at risk for this I.D theft. I have a late 2009 Apple iMac . I thought until today was still good. I downloaded Norton anti virus. This is how i came to find all the different ip addresses. One of which I learned I am sharing the internet with. I never ok’d that and I thought my settings gave me security to make those choices. I have never shared the interent with anyone on our PC. Somehow this report says I am. It leaves me to believe that this person rooted my computer. From what i have read this is only good for people who know how to write programs. My guy and I do not know how to do this! I am pretty nervous because i feel it is not just one person involved. It could be something so much more. I feel they can and are hi jacking the servers. This is where i feel “Fake internet came from”. I have told my ISP and who knows if they even care or can help it. So I guess I am left to not get on the internet anymore. Hard having trust issues with all of this. So i really don’t know if you can help, Or if this in the right hands. Sorry for the long message…..

    • nunya

      a 2009 imac? buy a new computer for christ sake. that thing is a walking virus and you’re keeping it on life support. smh

  38. Aaron

    Trying to identify who is remotely controlling my Android. I have an admin account that is not listed on my device controlling everything. Help!

  39. Aaron.

    To attempt toidentify who is remotely controlling my Android. I have an admin account that is not listed on my device controlling everything. Any help is appreciated.

  40. Dee

    Track down the physical location of several game server to prove that the hosting company did not follow my order.

  41. I run Mod Security on my server. It shows robot attacks on the server about every 2 or 3 minutes. I’m have in a problem not receiving my member’s IPN payment messages. So I was testing and checking IP addresses to see if I have a Mod Security rule that might be blocking these messages. So far the IP address check are not coming from the company that is sending the IPN messages. So I do not think I have a Mod Security rule problem.

  42. I am trying to locate the person who my be trying to hack my kraken acct

  43. Speedar

    HAck attack on my email accounts

  44. It keeps trying to log into account of mine I wanna know who it is

  45. Carole Marcil

    I need the information on the IP address because a start receiving e-mail from the IP July 28 2021, since I started questioning the owner of the clinique veterian about an incident for a specific dog which I beleived was stolen, that implicated on employe of the clinique and the owner of a dog shelter. I spoke to the owner on july 19 2021, and the messages from women who propose sex with me. Since i’m in no social media or any dating sight, the use my e-mail with those sexe messages

  46. Carole Marcil

    I made a request yesterday for the same IP number and the query on was still running this morning and then everting stop with no result and no message to explain why. Can you rerun the script for Engine A to include in the Were section: Country = Canada AND Province = Quebec, this will reduce the time research? I really need to identify this person because I received another sex message this morning and the person always change the e-mail address but it is still the same IP number Please help me to identify this person

  47. noni

    bonjour j’aimerai ya une personne qui as essayer piraté mon discord j’ai trouver sa localisation

  48. Carole Marcil

    Since July 19 2021 I received numerus e-mail which are sexe messenger. This person use different e-mail address but it is the same IP address

  49. Jake

    I was curious who’s Ip I wrote down.

  50. Toni

    I’m being stalked by someone possibly a known individual (no proof). I’ve had 6 iPhones 4 droids, 5 computers and a high tech security system and network gateway installed. Within hours my systems are hacked. I know this is factual in that important personal information is delayed, deleted or reviewed.
    I would rather not expound because as I type I just shut down an iPhone that was on airplane mode that had been connected to my car without my being aware. I only noticed it because of an oddity in the phone and thought to check my car.
    I am at my wits end. Every iCloud account is hacked and passwords are changed. The 2nd factor authentication SMS is a joke when someone is watching your phone. I’ve been locked out of my apple account while on the phone with apple support.
    How can this possibly be happening with different phone numbers and different email addresses, different names!!
    The IP I looked up was the one I found my phone using when it was to be on airplane mode.
    I’m not sure this will go through or I will get an email response. This phone is 4 days old and is being bombarded with spam text that mentions me by my legal name!!!
    I am not paranoid or overreacting. In fact Thank the Good Lord I am functioning quite well to have this going on! lol
    Oh and as a world traveler and artist I did have a website under my name until this began in 2018. It was taken over by hackers who locked me out of the email connected to my web host and I missed my renewal date. They bought my site the day it expired. It was fake Russian Puma athletic retailer.
    For the record it was:[removed]

  51. charlie

    Having connection issues, the IP that is blocking internet connections, is suspicious. So looking to see more info, to see how legitimate it is, or if I am over thinking the issue. Basically learning, while seeing what I can learn.

  52. Some dummy script kiddies went and accessed my camara and watched me for a while than made fun of me… well I’m an old skool 1990’s hacker… every mother who tries to sniff my package with that modern sh… gonna get some old fasion…

  53. Hi,

    I am tracking abuse on our network and being able to identify the sender of specific email would be great, unfortunately they are sending via Gmail and I don’t know any way to track beyond their servers. Do you?



  54. Simon

    Hi, It was to see who attempted to log into my NAS Server

  55. Carlo Bergamini

    Just want to know where the e-mail are coming from

  56. i really need to find these owners or owner of IP’S because they are bussy sinking my company that we have build over the last 26 years. they do fraud clicking on our google ads and it is costing us a lot of money. i know it is fraud IP’S but the names that comes up is legit one is also a locksmith
    Can anybody put me on the right track to find these people and track the ip to his live location> PLEASE??????

  57. Occasionally, like this morning, I get a notification on Faceboook messenger that I am logged in on a different device. I have repeatedly went to my Google settings and made sure that there were no other devices connected to my accounts and have even deleted accounts and made new email. Today i went to my login activity and this IP address showed up as logged in on my account. Im trying to figure it out as the IP address looks familiar.

  58. Charles Anderson

    Someone changed my Facebook and Google PW. FB notified me that the change came from Redmond, Washington, IP
    I amounted in rural MS
    The numbers are unusual, and the colon instead of decimal seemed different. I cannot get to my Google account by ordinary recovery, and I have suspected for some time that someone is “looking over my shoulder” on Facebook and , basically, everywhere else that I go.

  59. Charles Anderson

    I looked up the location of the IP that my PW change originated. Redmond , Washington is the home of Microsoft. I didn’t realize that Mr. Gates’ place was the intermediary for PW changes.
    By the way, your IP locator cannot find my personal IP.
    It instantly found my wife’s phone, but not mine, and we are in the same location.
    I CANNOT get into my Google account account by normal recovery protocol.
    Being an elderly, paranoid novice is very frustrating. My “Maps” app is showing my location at a local National Guard Armory. I have no idea why.
    I recently started using Duckduckgo.com because they don’t track my browsing as closely. Maybe that is a factor. Thanks in advance for any info. Your service is very useful.

  60. Charles Anderson

    Someone at this IP changed my password. Whoisip cannot give me any info. Why?

  61. Same for me. This is sad anmd happens to more ppl then i realized. My husband uses all my accounts to talk to his mistress nearly without a trace. Its sickening. Idk how to get him to stop. I try tio close them down but cant get them to stay out of em for 30 days. Ive given up

  62. William Nupp

    Looking at what all my network is communicating with.

  63. Tk

    My family has been hacked by the group running this ip. Ironically we had one of the jerk hackers to this gang move in next door three years ago and has screwed with our home internet, cable, cell phones, smart tv’s , any electronics you connect to the internet or bluetooth such as a camera and they have even gotten into our cars computers.

    Why do I say a gang? There are many people involved even in my town alone as well as around the us and other countries. Have I gine to authorities? Yep but you can guess how that turned out.

    It doesn’t matter where you move, or what you do. We have the idiot breaking into our home on our daily basis and believe he has to be connecting to our outside wiring. He controls our intake of everything so he sees all emails and every password so he has complete control. He has even infiltrated our banking and pretended to be us on phone calls to our cell, cable, banks etc. He is right here for the taking. Anyone want him. I can point you to him and multiple friends of his helping hum along….

  64. James

    Hacked on the worst level possible. Ddossed a year ago for 3 weeks. Everything got stolen and uploaded to internet. I know who two of them are fortune. There in my network constantly. Police and fbi won’t do shit. One broke in and assisted my son because I’m outing them. They have my whole apartment complex hacked. A cell tower within 100ft is hacked aswell. There in every device on wifi. Iot and nfc. Even my car….. wtf do I do. I was thinking a few bullets could solve it maybe 🤔

  65. James

    Assaulted… my son..

  66. Melanie

    The same thing is happening to me. Seems like a keylogger. Trying to trace the IP for the suspected person/persons. Record deleted, emails deleted, hacked into hotmail/ gmail/ outlook and poprietary email address. Same problem on new android. Calls blocked. They clearly keep getting my passwords.

  67. Salomón Ramírez

    tengo ataque por la fuerza bruta en mi servidor protegido con Malwarebytes y quiero saber de donde proviene

  68. bob Wilson

    If we know who’s been hacking our computer AND have his IP number, what can we do to stop him from getting into our computer and iphone. changing passwords isnt helping. Desperate.

  69. Jay

    my bank gives me an error message when trying to logon and this is the ip address they reference

  70. i recently moved yo an urbanisation where they use like a common system of that urbanisation. They connect (i guess) the 500 appartments to an internal system that then is connected to a major provider like Movistar or Vodacom. My problem is that i have a cleaning robot, a scanner, a printer, a server and a Macbook pro (no ethernet cable possible), iphone and ipad. The 3 APPLE devices work properly regarding internet communication. All the rest is NOT working. It worked fine (all over Wifi) till now. The vendor of my actual internet connection said they have firewalls etc in between me and the final provider., for security reasons. So i try to find solutions… especially for my server conecction, a Synology NAS, because i used to store my imortant files there.

  71. Jennifer

    I work for a school system and we use to help locate lost/stolen school devices.

  72. Eva-Lena

    Mitt virusprogram har upptäckt att någon har försökt att ansluta till min UDP-port samt TCP-port men blockerats.

  73. Horst

    Tries to log on to my router.

  74. Babe

    checking if my proxy is working securely. Thank you for this tool!

  75. Jason C

    Looking into a repeated failed sftp attempts to my DMZ server from this IP

  76. Trying to find out who is on my wifi un acconted for

  77. Dale

    Checking websites for product origin to ensure they come from reputable countries and companies.

  78. SusN

    IP address SMS messenger app said that’s where I was located

  79. Junior

    Trying to figure out who sent a malicious email.

  80. Junior

    Trying to figure out who sent a malicious email and copy my phone ifo?

  81. Susan

    Looking for my map location

  82. Andrew

    My unwelcome thoughts:

    1. Use strong passwords (minimum 13 characters: Upper, lower case, numerals and special characters – nothing affiliated to you – no mothers or children or animals, nothing)

    2. Always use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) when offered. Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Texts, Email, etc.

    3. After changing passwords on a desktop, flush the browser cache or change it in incognito mode. (Private mode)

    4. Install only reputable apps on your devices.

    5. Auto-Lock the device when not used within one minute. Unlocked devices are targets.

    6. Consider buying mSecure for password management and sync to your cloud service, not theirs.

    Stay safe, be smart..

  83. Karina Byerly

    My neighbors who are hi ranking third party & publishers in VR & AR & commcl Mangmt &LEDrones are exploiting me & using me for Projects & Experimentations tracking me within my home & making money from me my data & hujavked me on to their network & access every one of my accounts trying to disguise themselves as it it’s me using altering location from yards away multiple devices and code breakers and drone sensory tech before tech is made available.

  84. Allan Nazario

    Checking Freelancers Location

  85. Marilyn Brophy-Nichols

    Trying to understand all this internet stuff

  86. One of my social media accounts was logged into while I was working, and I Zamboanga trying t find who was in my account

  87. Keith

    I run a business and need to see f I’m bein scamed

  88. D

    My CCTV recorder communicates to an external IP address. Most likely to provide mobile access. I wanted to know who the host was.

  89. Jen

    I am trying to determine if my account is being compromised remotely

  90. J David

    someone with that IP address unsuccessfully attempted to log into my website. thank you.

  91. anon

    your site doesn’t seem to understand IPv6 addresses

  92. Roger Logan

    An IP showed up in my list of cookies. I’m usually very interested inn this info.

  93. Investigating fraud

  94. Raja Yogesh

    It was not shown IP location

  95. Javi

    Me están intentando entrar en la web de Movistar

  96. Hi, I’m putting together a contact list that uses excel and Apple contact cards. A lot of them have little bits of info like an IP address but no name, or social media handle. I’m trying to collate them all into a usable index. I didn’t know IP lookup was available

  97. Ijust got a n e mail from a company that isome one was trying to getting access in to access from this IP address and was it me and I wanted to check this was my ID

  98. invest login adres

  99. Mrs.

    Microsoft found this person or company trying to break into my account.

  100. Betty Moreno

    Im trying to find out who is logging on to my computer while Ive had it in my closet for a month.

  101. Heather Jordan

    March 8, 2023 will make a year since I began to be stalked and bank accounts hacked 4+ times. Every device gets compromised remotly. Work on my 10th device since 04/22 with no luck. Samsung has replaced my devices 4 different times. Have exhausted cell phone services due to my proprietary and confidental information be given to GitHub Geo. My android says im running off Apple Webkit still as of this moment. Device will not allow me to turn off location it says allowed all the time nearby devices, bluetooth. My wifi is not just turned off it has been disabled. The trace routed show i have cameras that im not aware of. My camera say have to let bluetooth mic record.

  102. Marjorie Jean (Henderson) Williams

    I’m attempting to find to find an address for my maternal cousin, Sharon Agnes White, whose city was Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Any suggestions?

  103. Why do you need to know? Are you trying to ensure the tool is used for good, not evil? LOL I’m pretty sure anyone wanting to use this site for nefarious purposes isn’t going to say that. I am trying to find truth and looking to see if your site is more accurate than the way I’ve been going about finding it. I give myself a tiny pat on back for figuring it out how to do this on my own a couple of years ago, I am not a “computer” person.

    I’d like to remain anonymous, there aren’t many with my name out there.

  104. WTH

    Totally thought you screened before posting, So much for anonymity. Anyway I can take back a comment?

  105. ItsMe

    Windosupdate from this IP seems untrustworthy. Likely man in the midle attacker. I suspect my computer is compromized, but I’m lazy to reinstal. Virus scanners find nothing but exessive network trafick occures. I do not know if this is due to new windows features in windows 10 that update against my will or doings of a malicious party. Windows XP did not have this problem.

  106. Laine

    Just trying to understand what all the activity is on my computer. Need to lock it down, I have spectrum and its not secure. Will setup VPN.

  107. NAKACHE Guy

    Je vous demande votre aide à savoir que je suis basé au MAROC à Casablanca et travaille pour un cabinet de courtage en Assurances à qui il a été signifié une accusation grave comme quoi les Assurés FRANCAIS qui signent leur contrat d’Assurance à distance, ne sont pas identifiés comme étant les auteurs de la signature électronique car leur adresse IP de signature n’est pas géolocalisée en FRANCE MAIS AU MAROC.
    Pouvez vous m’aider à savoir comment cela est poss
    ible alors que l’Assuré confirme que c’est bien lui qui a SIGNER SON CONTRAT EN FRANCE.

  108. JES

    The IP was listed in recent activity in my password vault app.

  109. Glenn Scott

    Ip address is trying to login on my Microsoft account

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  115. Bewitched i think these ppl are mad at me in a video game because i was mean to them but they were abusing me 🙁 they keep stealing all my e-mails.under the name daniele gotthardi and idk what to do so i deleted all my e-mails!! Brazil is jaraggua de sol especially is a crasy place!!! What out apparently its family descended scams 🙁 plz help!!!!

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